Computational Sciences and Engineering aims to  publish original  research articles related to modeling, algorithms and simulation (numerical/analytical) elements for solving the engineering, mathematics, medicine, economic, finance and humanities problems. The journal welcomes and hosts the original high-quality papers of the researchers highlighted on the aforementioned topics and other topics involving the computational schemes.

In the following, the special interests of the journal have been listed. Not only the journal is involved on this special interests but also it welcomes to other computational works in all engineering and sciences domains.  


Special Interests:

Partial Differential Equations, PDEs (Theory and Numerical Methods)

Monte Carlo and Quasi-Monte Carlo Simulation

Soft Computing (Data Mining, Digital Signal Processing, Intelligent Agents, Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition, Metaheuristics, Web Intelligence, Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic, Uncertainty)

Devices (Solid-States, Photonic, Plasmonics and Spintronic)

Computational Chemistry and Physic (Nanotechnology, Material Sciences, Molecular Biology, Structures and Bonding in Molecular Complexes, Atmospheric Chemistry, Astronomy)

Energy Conversion and Transfer in Systems

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Computer Networks

Quantum Mechanic

Dynamics and Robotics

Bioscience and Biomedical Science

Nanoscience (Nanophysics, Nanochemistry, Nanomechanics, Nanoelectronics, ….)

Micro-devices and Micro-systems

Statistics, Quality, Reliability and Maintenance

Transportation and Health Care Systems

Performance-Based Engineering

Optimization of Civil Structures and Structural Reliability