Document Type : Original Article


1 Department of Mechanical Engineering, Federal University of Agriculture, Ogun State, Nigeria.

2 Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Lagos, Nigeria


The present study focuses on the developments of analytical solutions for vehicle dynamic behaviour under the influence of magnetorheological fluid damper. Dynamic models of a quarter vehicle are considered. Also, the damping force of the magnetorheological fluid damper is modelled using Bouc-Wen and modified Bouc-Wen models. The developed vibration models for the study of the dynamic behaviour of the vehicle are solved using Laplace transform method. The parametric studies reveal that the oscillation of the displacement of the axle is more fluctuating compared to the displacement of the body due to the installation of the damper between the body and the axle in which the damper acts as a shock-absorber. Moreover, the variation between the two models of Bouc-Wen and modified Bouc-Wen models is established. It is analytically validated that the Bouc-Wen model cannot produce the experimentally observed roll-off in the yield region for velocities with a small absolute value and operational sign opposite to the sign of the acceleration. Therefore, the use of the modified Bouc-Wen model is recommended. It is hoped that the developed exact analytical models will serve as the basis for comparisons of any other method of analysis of the problem.